Terms of Service

Here you can read about delivery and sales conditions when you order online at Quote Copenhagen.

Quote Copenhagen Aps.
Kanalholmen 14U
2450 Hvidovre.
Company No DK 41980303.
Telephone: +45 53 76 76 38

All prices are listed in respectively. DDK and Euro incl. 25% VAT.
Reservations are made for sold out goods.
We reserve the right to regulate prices of goods and freight in the event that our suppliers raise prices.


At Quote Copenhagen's webshop can be paid with Creditcard cards and PayPal, MobilePay and Viabill.

Once we have shipped your order, the money is withdrawn from your account.

No card charges are put on the order for payment.

When ordering goods through our website, you receive an email with order confirmation as well as a copy of the invoice.

Quote Copenhagen encrypts all your card information with the so-called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that unauthorized persons cannot read your card number or other information during the transaction.

Quote Copenhagen uses Shopify payment and epay.dk

Customs and VAT

If you order from an EU country, Dansk VAT is payable, but no duty in accordance with the rules of free movement of goods. Goods sent from Quote Copenhagen cannot be sent as a gift to countries outside the EU in an attempt to evade local duties and taxes.

If, on the other hand, you order from a country outside the EU, local taxes and customs can be applied, which we cannot be responsible for, but in turn, Danish VAT is deducted. If so, you will be contacted by the shipping company. We use ups. Please note that this can delay the shipment part, as the goods are held back in the duty. It is therefore your responsibility to answer the inquiry from the freight company and pay the applied additional costs to customs and VAT