What is a sari?

Sariens Origin dates all the way back to the craft traditions of Indus culture. Indus culture had its heyday from 2800-1800 BCE. and was located around the northwestern part of South Asia.
The modern Sari, is a suit carried by women, from the Indian subcontinent. In addition to India, the Indian subcontinent consists of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.
The suit consists of a 4 to 9 meter long piece of square fabric wrapped around the body. Sarien is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end over the shoulder. The end piece hangs freely from the body and often has a deviant and more conspicuous color and rich ornamentation.
There are many different ways to carry the sari. How the sari is wrapped around the body can tell where the wearer comes from.
After Sarien has earned its duty, however, it often ends up in large ratchet heaps and contributes to an already contaminated environment. This is a pity as Sarien is based on old craft traditions and is often still in such good condition that it can easily have another life and become upcycled.