What is Kantha embroidery?

 Kantha Means directly translated "patched cloth" and is a kind of embroidery that originates from the eastern regions of India, especially in the Indian states Vestbengalen, Tripura and Odisha as well as in Bangladesh.
Kantha embroidery is an old craft tradition that varies from region to region. Women in Bengal typically use ancient saris and clothes and put them in layers to make a light rug or a bedspread.
Kantha embroidery has gained great popularity in the West in recent times because of its aesthetic value, handmade properties, and the wow effect of beautiful craftsmanship.
Along with the beautiful upcycled vintage saris, Kantha embroidery can create some incredibly nice and unique products, such as; Pillowcases, blankets, cushions, etc. plus, with the help of the recycled saris, spare the environment by not producing anymore, but actually taking something old and giving it new life using an old craft tradition.